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An intelligent service that unlocks your video content in a digital world


What can Fassoo do for you?

Brand Monitoring

Recognize thousands of brands and logos to provide automated logo detection and visibility analysis that provides a rich set of statistics.

System Integration

Our adaptable API can also be integrated into your existing CMS and backend systems to provide a seemless metadata solution.

Sports Events Recognition

Recognize the faces, actions, events and context that are most relevant for you, especially when read in conjunction with sponsors and brands.

Sensitive content filtering

Find problematic scenes and decide quickly how to deal with them. Search by type or for a target audience based on rating or legal jurisdiction.

Why Us?

We work closely with our clients, providing unrivalled customer service and bespoke media analytical software solutions helping to understand and potentially monetarise content.

About Fassoo 

We do the boring stuff so you can focus on the video content.

Fassoo helps content owners organise and search their video catalogues. We help content owners videos to get discovered, and bring their to work a wider, global audience.

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